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Data-as-a-Service: Market Definitions – revisited

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Six weeks ago I wrote a blog post with some market definitions and categorization of startups and initiatives in the emerging field of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Based on feedback, new information and quite a lot of activities in the field I decided to revisit and update the list. For the updated list visit the original blog post. Below you can see the list of the changes I made and the insights and rationale behind them.

  • Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket (Added): Previously listed as an honorable mention, Microsoft’s Codename “Dallas” has moved firmly into the Data Markets category as they formally launched under a new name.
  • Kasabi (Added): A stealth mode project by UK’s Talis. Based on the little information that can be gained from their recently spotted job ad, I’m provisionally putting their offering in the Data Markets and Data Publishing Solutions category.
  • BuzzData (Added): Another stealth mode project in the Data Markets category, originated at Unspace. BuzzData will be presenting their work at O’Reilly’s Strata conference in February.
  • Data Marketplace (Removed): No visible activity, neither by users nor developers on the Y Combinator funded site for almost three months. As founder Matt Hodan is working on another, more recent Y Combinator project – Smart Shortcuts – I don’t expect the site to be resurrected.
  • WolframAlpha (Added): Actually only added to the “honorable mentions” section as they don’t belong in any of the categories. However, the power of their technology makes my head spin every time I throw a query at their engine, and they seem in an excellent position to enter pretty much any category in the space. Certainly one to watch.
  • Freebase (Updated): Recently acquired by Google, rumor has it that little resources are being put into Freebase right now, and no additional developments are to be expected, at least for a while. Freebase sure has a lot of interesting technology under the belt (it better after a total of $57M invested), but somehow the concept never seemed to “come together”. Keeping them on the list, but expecting changes.
  • Swivel (Updated): The site is up and running again, although there seem to be some problems still and almost no activity. Keeping them in there until further news.

Again: The full, updated list can be found in the original blog post.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, if you can fill in any gaps, new information or believe additions should be made to the list.

Written by Hjalmar Gislason

December 4, 2010 at 6:35 pm

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