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International launch and conference appearances

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The date has been set: is launching with international data on January 24th!

We have been up and running with an Icelandic focus since the launch on May 12th. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback, been able to hunt out the nastier bugs and quirks, and most importantly built a substantial revenue stream from the local market.

Now it’s time for the deep end of the pool!

Expect to see an updated version of the site with data from providers such as the World bank, UN, Eurostat and several other international organizations on the launch day. All easily accessible in one place using our “visual data exploration” approach. In non-marketing terms that means: our powerful search and emphasis on visualization as the users’ first encounters with data – then enabling them to dive in for downloads, building reports, integrating with our API and other hardcore data stuff.

Strata 2011 To follow-up on the launch, we’re going on a mini “road show”. We’re lining up meetings and conference appearances for spring 2011. This will begin with a visit to O’Reilly’s exciting Strata conference on February 1-3, 2011. We also have a confirmed speaker appearance on “The Business of Open Data” at Web 2.0 Expo in late March. Other public appearances are not yet confirmed, but apart from these events we will definitely be visiting the US East Coast (Boston and New York areas) and London in February through April.

If you’re interesting in meeting up for business opportunities, partnerships or just general chat, don’t hesitate to contact me (Hjalmar) via email or by messaging @datamarket on Twitter.

Written by Hjalmar Gislason

December 14, 2010 at 6:34 pm

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