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Introducing: DataMarket for Data Publishers!

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As some of you may have seen in our blog post last week, we have been preparing a major upgrade of with new functionality and new subscription plans.

Well, today is the day! We’re proud to introduce the new

…and while the new plans are geared largely towards data publishers as mentioned in last week’s post, there’s certainly something exciting in store for everybody.

Removing the pay-wall for data seekers

We’re shifting the focus of our subscription plans to data publishers, helping them publish their data, manage their data offerings and enable visualizations and interactivity on top of it.

This means that end-user features that have up until now only been available to our Pro subscribers have been made available free of charge. As a registered user, you can now download any data you have access to on DataMarket in any format (CSV, Excel, bitmaps and vector images), connect to live data from Excel and create your own “Live reports”, that have actually been upgraded dramatically and are now called “Topic pages”.

Topic pages

Topic pages are essentially dashboards or reports that any user can easily create, so that the latest data on whatever is most important to you, your industry or area of interest is instantly available, up-to-date in one place. You can either keep your topic pages private to yourself, publish them for anybody to see, or share them among a selected group of users.

You can “Follow” any topic page that you have access to, making them easily accessible on your home page (when logged in). This way you can keep a track of any updated data or new insights from the topic page author.

We’ve also created an initial batch of topic pages that cover key data on topics such as the countries of the World, key industries and other areas of interest.

Uploading data

Users can now upload their own data. This part is still in BETA so bear with us on any quirks and errors that may arise. The data format is fairly strict, but still so that if you have your data in Excel files or CSV it should not be too hard to reshape it so that our importer understands it. We do provide templates that show – by example – how to format the data before uploading it, and we are working to streamline this process.

Anybody can upload a data set for their own private use, but to publish or sell data you need to subscribe to one of our publisher plans (see also below).

To update an existing data set, simply upload an updated file. For large collections of data, or data that is frequently updated, subscribers to our Corporate plan and higher can be set up with automated ways to maintain their data by connecting directly with their file repositories or databases.

Data publisher plans

Any registered user can now upload data sets for private use on This is a brilliant way to test the upload mechanism and run your own data against some of the fantastic data available from other data sources.

Additionally, we have created three subscription plans that open exciting possibilities for data providers of all sizes, enabling them to better manage, publish and monetize their data:

  • Pro ($59/month): Allows a user to publish and sell his uploaded data. Even the casual user can use this plan to make his data available to a large audience in an interactive and user-friendly way, and potentially make money by selling subscriptions to his research and insights.
  • Corporate (starting at $299/month): allows automated data updates, group sharing, on-site branding and a range of off-site possibilities such as easily building dashboards to publish on other web sites. Perfect for an organization that wants to sell their data online yet maintain a strong identity on, or an organization that wants to work with their own data, compare and view in relation to data from other data sources and share these findings among themselves.
  • Enterprise (contact us for pricing): Targeted at research and analyst firms, this plan offers a full rebranding of DataMarket’s system to run as an integrated part of customers’ web sites using live data.

A full overview of our plans is available on the “Plans & pricing” page on

To learn more about DataMarket in general, you might want to take a look at our product tour. It will give you the run down on all the important things DataMarket can do for you.

US office and new customers

To follow-up on these new plans and our existing business, we are setting up a sales and marketing office in the US. Our offices are in the Boston area, more precisely in Cambridge, MA. This is where we plan to build out our business operations while development will stay in Iceland.

We’re also very pleased to announce the first two customers of our Enterprise plan. Both are fantastic research companies well known within their respective fields of expertize: Yankee Group and Lux Research.

We will release details about how these companies are using our platform later on, and actually hope to have several more such announcements to make before long.

– – –

Needless to say, we’re thrilled about all of this, and very excited about the times ahead!

Looking forward to your feedback.

Written by Hjalmar Gislason

February 29, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Posted in releases

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